Monday, January 29, 2018

Week of Doctor Appointments

Ezra on Blessing Day
On Monday morning, Maliyah went to dialysis.  Kendra had to go to the doctor because she had a UTI.  On Tuesday, we did schoolwork all day.  Our sweet nephew, Ezra, had to go to the doctor because he got pink eye.  Later that night, we hung out with our friend Anabelle.  After she left, we watched Ellen's Game of Games, which was hilarious.  We highly recommend it!
On Wednesday, Maliyah and our grandpa went to dialysis.  After, they went to McDonald's and got chicken nuggets with ice cream.  Later that night, we went to our church youth activity.  We played Telestrations, one of our favorites, and ate lots of cookies.
On Thursday, Maliyah got a cold, and it was mostly a lazy day for both of us.  On Friday, Maliyah went to dialysis and spent some of the day sleeping since she lost a lot of sleep because of her cold the night before.  Later that night, we both went to the store to get some things.  After that, Maliyah started to get some chest pain, so our mom took her to the doctor just before they closed.  Thankfully, nothing was wrong, but Maliyah did have a slight fever of 100.3.
Saturday was a lazy day.  Our friend Anabelle came over again and we hung out for a couple of hours.  Sunday was Ezra's baby blessing.  In our church, babies get blessed when they are around two months old.  After the blessing, we went to our house with friends and family and celebrated.
Look out for a unique exclusive video on Sunday (February 4th) instead of the video this Wednesday.
Thanks for reading,
Kendra & Maliyah
~The Herrin Twins~

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