Monday, January 22, 2018

Baby Giggles, Snow, and Pretransplant

Ezra started laughing this week!


Sorry the post is up so late!  It has been a busy week, with lots of snow!  The weather has finally been getting colder, and snow really piled up this weekend.

On Monday, Maliyah went to dialysis as usual in the morning.  Later that night, our friend Emma came over to hang out.  On Tuesday, Anabelle came over to hang out with us after we spent some time with our grandparents.
On Wednesday, Maliyah went to dialysis at 6:00 am in hopes of being back in time for our cousin's homecoming from her LDS mission.  Unfortunately, Maliyah didn't quite make it, but she did get to FaceTime while everyone else was at the airport!  After her arrival home, we went to our grandma's house and had brunch.  We listened to all of her fantastic adventures from her mission.
On Thursday, Maliyah had something called "pretransplant." She isn't getting a kidney yet-- it is just a procedure they do every year Maliyah is on dialysis.  Our cousins also came over to watch Ezra on Thursday while we were out of the house.
Friday, I did dialysis and had pretransplant again.  On Saturday, we filmed a collaboration video for Wednesday.  Sunday, we went to our cousins' homecoming talk in church.  Maliyah and Courtney stayed at our cousin's house after everyone went home and watched a movie.
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Have a great day,
Kendra & Maliyah
~The Herrin Twins~


  1. You all are very busy! When is Maliyah going to get her transplant?

  2. We are hoping Maliyah will be able to get her transplant very soon! "Pretransplant" is just a regular checkup for people on dialysis though. Thanks for reading!