Sunday, July 17, 2011

What a slacker I am! :)

We have had a great Summer that is flying by.

We met with the doctors about the girls having surgery this summer. Jake and I are still debating on what we should do. Jake wants both of the girls to have the surgery and get it over with, I want Maliyah to go and enjoy transplant camp and just have Kendra's surgery this summer. So one of us has to give, won't be me though. :) Maliyah is very excited for 5 days of camping and being away from home. She will be staying in cabins, and they have great activities for the kids to do. Wonder if I will get a phone call from her begging us to come and get her because she is home sick. Either way, I just want her to try. I asked Kendra if she wanted me to find her a camp like Maliyah is going to, she was adamant that she wasn't going to go. Which doesn't surprise me, she has a hard time when Jake and I have a date night, so most Friday's are difficult for her. Kendra will call us several times when we are gone.

Justin and Austin are having so much fun with friends. They are outside playing on our trampoline and riding bikes. Justin mastered Super Mario Brothers and beat the whole game. He was so proud of himself.

Courtney just started babysitter a lot this summer, she even started a dance studio in our basement for some of the neighborhood kids. She is really great at making up dances and teaching them to others.

Have a great summer. :)