Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 is going to be even better than 2010!! We are so excited to see what this new year holds for us. So far the year has started off just right with Maliyah getting her feeding tube out. It's been a week, she had the feeding tube for about 8 years. It's so much easier getting her ready for bed now. So now all of the kids are even more independent and it makes Jake and I even more happy. Life just seems to get easier every year. :) Hope it stays that way as the kids start to get into their teenage years. Maliyah's friend Brooke came over and Maliyah was so excited to tell her all about her tube. Brooke was excited! She has a little brother with health issues and so she understands how big of a step it was for Maliyah.

All the kids are getting really excited for our family cruise to the Mexican Rivera. I'm going to be making a chain to count down the days until we leave for Los Angeles, California. I'm sure I will be talking more about it as the days get closer. Disney Cruise here we come!! I wasn't sure if it was going to be a good idea and was nervous about taking everyone, mostly because of how expensive it was going to be. But realized the kids are only little once and we need to take advantage of everything we can do with them now. These trips will make good memories, even when it put a huge hole in the bank account. We are going for Spring Break for a 7 day cruise, but we'll leave a couple days before so the drive isn't as long.

I'm taking school full time, so I hope that this trip doesn't interfere too much with my studies. I really need to keep up my grades, so I can get into the program I want. It's very competitive. Jake's very supportive with my decision, but hates the fact I'm gone 4 nights a week and Saturday mornings at school. I hope all the sacrifice will payoff in the long run, Jake's sure it will. He's incredible with how much he believes in me and my dreams.

Courtney is taking RAD kids at school, Ed Smart put this program together and it's taught at the kids school. We have to get Courtney's height and weight along with other information. She is 4ft 9 1/2 inches tall. Almost as tall as I am.

Justin and Austin really love playing video games. We have XBox 360 and the Wii. When they were playing it yesterday Justin was bouncing on the couch. Austin looks at him and says "you better stop that because you can get brain damage". I had to laugh. Austin has the best information. We have been working really hard on the sounds for letters. Austin is picking up on them really easily, but Justin is having a harder time. They have a great teacher, so I'm going to talk with her about what needs to be done.

Kendra is doing really well. She is turning into the boss of the family. I don't need to say anything to the kids because she beats me to it. Which is good and not so good.

Hope you all had a great start to the New Year!! :)

P.S. If I repeat myself in these blog entries just disregard it. ;) I don't reread what I've posted previously.