Thursday, August 18, 2011

WE JUST CELEBRATED OUR 5TH ANNIVERSARY SINCE THE SEPARATION SURGERY!!! I still can't believe that we got through all of that crazy, stressful and painful time. It's still hard to look back and remember that time in our life. We still have a lot to get through with the girls. The strength they show and the huge smiles on their faces melts my heart. They are so strong!! And their excitement for life is contagious. They are just as hard to handle as their brothers and sister, I'm so glad!! Even though the fighting can drive me crazy at times, the laughter makes up for it. We have such a great family. They are growing up so quick, and into the best young people.

Goodness!! I'm so glad that school has started. Thought I would be sad about missing my kids, but boy I get so much done during the day. But can't last to much longer, I start school again at the beginning of next week. I only got 2 weeks off from my summer semester. The best news is that I can go during the day instead of at night. And I can take a lot more classes than before because I have more time.

Courtney had a great first day of school, other than almost forgetting her schedule in her first period class. She is going to a secondary school, so she has 10 periods and an A and B day. Since she made the dance team we will be able to see her dance a lot more. Courtney will dance at different assemblies and also half times this year. Can't even wait to see all of them. I will post some videos of them as they happen.

Kendra and Maliyah were so excited for their new teacher. They came home saying how funny she is and how much they like her. MUSIC TO MY HEARS!!! It's amazing how much having a great teacher changes the child/children's outlook on learning. I want my kids to be excited about it. There were no surgeries this summer, just couldn't find time and we didn't want them to miss out on any of the fun. I don't think the girls really cared that much either. So unless they need a surgery their next one will be on their backs in October.

I took the kids over to my parents house yesterday. When we were leaving Justin says to Grandma Warren, "Take care grandma", then he looks at me and says, "ladies first" and holds open the door for me. I was laughing, it just made me so happy to hear him says that. Both my boys are turning into little gentleman. Which I think all men should be.
Yesterday Austin came home from school telling me that a kid in his class had taken off his shirt in class. He said the whole class was laughing, he said "it was just weird". They have such a great sense of humor.

Take care
The Herrin's