Friday, September 24, 2010

Sorry it's been such along time since my last update. No news is always good news. :)

Anyway, Justin is loving school and doing very well. I was worried that he wasn't ready for Kindergarten and he proved me wrong. The teacher has emailed me to say how well Justin is doing at school. Austin on the other hand I thought was more then ready to start, boy was I wrong. He doesn't enjoy school very much and says he only likes to go for recess. Austin cries when he was to do his sounds and handwriting, but he is getting better. I just remind him that if he gets his writing done on Monday he only has to do his sounds. I try and get those done in the car on the ride home from school. Makes it easier for me. But they are both catching on to everything, so I can handle the crying. :)

Kendra is doing so well with her "leg". I'm proud of the progress she is making. She is wearing her "leg" everyday for physical therapy. But started getting a sore on her hip, so we had a back off some until I can take her on Monday to get her leg refitted. That is one of the reasons that starting slow is the best way for using the legs. There can be skin breakdown and it needs to be caught early. Other then that Kendra is doing so well. The rod in her back is staying clean of all infections. At night I am helping her stretch on an exercise ball, that is helping with some back pain she is having. I got the ball for my ab workout and turned out to be great for her too.

Maliyah wore her "leg" for 3 hours yesterday. That was a HUGE thing for her. The girls have a great aide at school that is motivating the girls to do their very best. They get to pick out of a treasure box for working so hard. She has been getting sick with UTIs a lot lately because we were trying to get her off the antibiotics. We also tried again to get her off the feeding tube, that didn't go over very well. She got very weak without her feeds at night. She has finally hit 35 pounds, so now she weigh as much as Kendra.

Both of the girls are working on walking on their "legs" without any assistance. At the PT appointments they are doing something called "flying". They put a vest on the girls and they practice walking on the treadmill with a pulley that holds a lot of their weight. They were both very scared at first, but both LOVE flying now. They are getting so close to trying it without any vest. I never thought they would be making so much progress. It's helped a lot that they are healthy and have energy enough to work hard in PT.

Courtney just started back at dance. She changed dance studios so that she could take dance with her cousins. She loves it!! Her 11th Birthday is coming up and she is very excited. She wants a new bike. For her party this year I want to take her and some friends to a haunted house. Courtney is too scared for a haunted house yet.

I am doing very well at school and finally figured out the degree that I want to persue. I am looking to change schools to better match my degree. I volunteer at the kids school several days a week and am always busy. I lost weight over the summer and so on one of our dates we went shopping for new clothes. I went down 4 pant sizes!

Jake started doing the P90X workouts. He is getting up every morning at 4:30. He is enjoying it. He's traveling more with work.

We are getting ready for our Disney Cruise, which the kids are excited for. We were asked to go on a show in Greece, so we might taking the family there. It would be a lot of work, It would be a once in a life time opportunity.

Kendra and Maliyah's next surgery is scheduled for October 14Th. I just hope there is no complications so they can recover in time for Halloween. I will be updating more pictures today, so check those out. VERY CUTE!! Have a great day. :)