Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So far our Holiday's have been really good. Maliyah has been sick for several days with a UTI, but is starting to feel better. She had a fever of 105.2, I couldn't even imagine how she felt.

We get Netflix and had gotten the newest Twilight movie in the mail. On the way home from school with the kids I told them that we were going to be watching a movie together. Especially because Jake doesn't like watching the Twilight movies a second time. He gets brownie points for taking me the first time. So Courtney had a friend that called to see if she could play. She told the friend that she couldn't play because she was watching a movie with her mom. I hope she feels that way when she's in high school. A parent can only hope. We are still waiting for the day when she is embarrassed of us. So far so good. Maybe it helps that I know most of her friends by name and they call me mom. I hope that is why.

Justin has been saying some pretty funny things lately. He loves to talk about the mice we had, he says they had gravy's, he means rabies. We also read as a family before bed and after each word he reads he adds "of". It's pretty fun, but takes a little longer to get through. He also says cause instead of pause.

Austin has come up with a phrase he says, easy peasy lemon squeezy. The first time we heard that was right after his wrestling match. We were laughing really hard. They are both such witty boys. I need to carry around a book and write down all there clever phrases.

Now about our kitchen fire. Yes, everyone is fine and no damage. Thought I would get that out of the way first. I was making steaks and baked potatoes for dinner. Jake and I were talking in the kitchen and teasing Kendra and Maliyah about the oven blowing up(we always tease the kids and they do the same to us). And while we were doing that I saw out of the corner of my eye a fire that had started in the oven because of the grease. I yelled fire and probably shouldn't of looking back, but I did. The girls freaked!!! Kendra went running out the garage door as fast as she could, it was 30ish outside. Maliyah took off downstairs with a mouth full of food, crying. Courtney ran up the stairs to see why she was crying. She spit out the food on the carpet. To tell her there was a fire. By this time the fire alarm was going off. I controlled everything why Jake was laughing. Brought Kendra back in the house screaming and crying. We always have such a great time! :) It's funny everything that happens on a daily bases here. Just wish I could remember all of it.

I have one final and a final paper due in school and I'm done for several weeks. I 'm doing more than full time next semester. I really want to get done with school soon, at least with my generals. I have along way to go for my degree. It's interesting trying to take care of everything and find time for school and studying. But it worth it to set a good example for my kids. I just hope they get through with college or whatever they need to before having a family. It's much easier.

Here hoping for a good rest in the coming weeks. Wishful thinking I'm sure. Hope you are all enjoying the holiday's. Be safe!