Monday, December 25, 2017

NEWS & A Very Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays from the Herrin Family

Important news today!
We are relocating the blog to the site, which our parents have used since we were little.  Find the blog on the "Updates tab" or by visiting  This week, we'll post our update on both blog sites, but next week we are shifting completely over to  We are making the shift because we figured it would be easier to streamline everything.  We are experiencing some issues with updating the rest of this site, but we will be working on it over the next several weeks.
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Merry Christmas!

Hospital Visit from Santa
We hope your holiday has been one you get to spend with those you love.  From our family to yours, have the merriest of holidays this season.
For those who want to know more about Kendra's surgery last Monday, it went amazingly well!  Although surgeons were nervous about possible lack of muscle, everyone was pleasantly surprised to discover Kendra has developed a lot of muscle since we were younger.  Thanks to that, the surgery went far better than originally estimated, and Kendra's recovery time will be much shorter.  Not only did Kendra get her surgery over with, she is able to be home for Christmas-- she came home from the hospital on Saturday.
Kendra had friends and family visiting throughout the week, and her pain became much more bearable as the week went on.  Maliyah spent a lot of time with friends this week as well.  On Friday, our friends Shaela, Anabelle, and Emma came with Maliyah to dialysis and then visited Kendra afterwards.  While Kendra was in bed, everyone else helped decorate her room very elaborately-- it was deemed "The Fun Room" by hospital staff.  We even got a special visit from Santa Claus himself.  This Wednesday, look for a vlog about our trip to the hospital with our friends.  We had quite an adventure!

Drawing of Allie
While Kendra was in the hospital, we worked on Christmas shopping and gift giving this morning.  Because our sweet dog, Allie, passed away earlier this year, Maliyah had a drawing done of Allie for the whole family.  Kendra got an ice machine and the challenge game "Wet Head."  Maliyah got a grilled cheese maker, phone cases, and a cake book. Let us know how your holiday break has been so far and ask us any questions below!
Merry Christmas,
Kendra & Maliyah        And Jake, Erin, Courtney, Keoki, Justin, Austin, Ezra, and Emmie