Monday, January 8, 2018

Courtney's Story: 17 and Pregnant

Courtney with Ezra
Monday this week, it was New Years, so it was a lazy day for the most part after staying up so late.  Maliyah didn't go to dialysis until Tuesday because of the holiday.

Ezra after a bath
On Wednesday, Kendra and our Grandpa went with Maliyah to dialysis.  Afterwards, we went to a baking supplies store.  Maliyah almost passed out while we were there-- her face turned red and she felt very weak.  Dialysis sometimes makes patients feel this way.  When we got home, Kendra baked a gigantic Peanut Butter Cup.  Later that night, we went to our church youth activity (toting along the giant peanut butter cup as a treat) and played bingo.  We also posted our brand new channel trailer on YouTube.  On Thursday, we did school work and watched Ezra.  We took him on a walk through the neighborhood because he was fussy.
On Friday, Maliyah went to dialysis again.  Our parents went to a wedding reception in the afternoon.  Since they weren't home, Austin and his friend Hayden played the challenge game Wet Head outside in subfreezing temperatures!
Giant Peanut Butter Cup
On Saturday, we filmed Courtney's pregnancy video and edited it.  Like so many other girls, Courtney had an unplanned teen pregnancy.  She wants to help others in her difficult situation through it.  Click the link to watch her story and to hear a few details about how she handled her own life while preparing for a new baby.
On Sunday, we went to church.  That night, we played a Cover your Assets as a family.
This Wednesday, look for a new video on our channel.  Good luck on all your New Years' Resolutions!
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Kendra & Maliyah
Maliyah with Ezra
Kendra with Ezra

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