Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The last several weeks have been so much fun. Kendra and Maliyah stayed with their grandma Patsy for all of last week. Then my Aunt Nikki from Provo took Courtney, Justin and Austin. Jake and I got a much needed break from all 5 kids. It was heaven on earth!! The summer is almost over for our children, it has flown by. The girls are done with summer school and are reading on a 3rd grade level.
We are planning on taking the kids camping before school starts. Maliyah is finally done with her PICC line. Kendra is working hard on her 'robot leg'. Courtney has a dance camp in the next couple of weeks. She will dance 19 hours in 2 days, she is so excited! I uploaded her dance video to youtube. Justin and Austin are doing very well and will start sports in the fall.
Life is so good right now. My children are healthy and things are going so well.

I would like to thank the people that look out for our family. Thank you!! And to the people that write nasty things on MY guestbook. Its really funny to read your notes, do you really think we care what you think. LOLOLOLOLOL!! You just make us laugh!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Thanks for all of the guestbook entries. They are so wonderful to read... It nice to know that we have people around the world that pray for our family and that are excited to hear the good things happening to us. Things have been REALLY crazy!! Our family has been sick with the throwing up. Maliyah has gotten it a lot worse than the others. Thank goodness she has her PICC, so that I can give her IV fluids at home. On Tuesday she must of thrown up ever 10 minutes, all the way up until I started her fluid. She will have it pulled out on Monday when her lab work shows everything back to normal. She will have it pulled out on Monday when her lab work shows everything back to normal.

The girls have been working really hard on there legs. The work will be worth it when they are able to walk without there walkers and crutches.

The girls expansion went BETTER than I thought it was going to. We were able to go as a family to see the fireworks at the park by our house just 2 days later.

Austin favorite thing to say right now is "mom pay attention". He is so funny.

Justin just wants to play outside all day long with his best friend..

Courtney just made the Juniors dance team. One of the studio that is in our neighborhood is flying so professional dancing instructors to teach. So in 2 days Courtney will be taking 15 hours of dance. She is so excited!! Kendra and Maliyah are taking dance at the same studio as Courtney.

There isn't much to update about Kendra other than she is doing so great. I think that TLC show really showed how funny and happy she is. I loved all of her funny phrases in the show, like awesome, weird and it just like playin in the mud..

I loved that my children are always so happy and willing to show how brave they are with others. Its truly is amazing how far they have come and how far our family has come. We are still under a lot of stress, but we know as time goes on that it will get better. Things always do with time.

For those that have emailed me there stories about there families. Thank you so much!! You are such amazing families as well and your stories touched my heart!! We all have trials to get through in this life, but if we help lift each other things will get easier.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I wanted to update and let you all know that our TLC show is airing this Sunday the 12th, 13th and 15th of July. Check your local listings for times.

The girls have their legs and are taking off with them. They also had a surgery this past week to lengthen their rods in their backs. Maliyah is still on IV meds for the infection she had in her back a month ago. She is still on a feeding tube as well.

Kendra is doing very well.

Both of the girls started dance this summer..

Sorry this post is really short but its going to be a very busy day today!