Friday, February 6, 2009

Family Updates

I know everyone is asking for pictures and we will get those up ASAP. It has been very busy!! I am finally finding time to do some of the projects that I have put off for so long. I am painting the boys rooms and giving them big boys rooms. I am really enjoying this last little while because Maliyah is doing better. It seems that it won't last very long. She is starting to hurt again, so it will be a work in progress. I feel she is more improved than she was. We just have to stay postive. I am going to call Dr. Meyers office again and see if she can schedule her to have another CT scan. I am worried about Maliyah, but I need to stay busy. I know that's hard to understand, but its the way things need to be. Kendra is doing so GREAT!! In a couple of months Kendra will be ready for her leg, she is nervous about it, but I will be with her ever "step" of the way. The boys are big handfuls and eating machines. Courtney is doing so well with dance. I am so proud of her. She dances sometimes 5 days a week, if she has extra dance times. If she isn't dancing, she is teaching our other kids to dance. Most of the time music is on at our house. As you can tell from my post we have many ups and downs, but we are still moving forward even if they are little baby steps. Please keep Maliyah in your prayers. We know that will help her get better.

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