Monday, February 23, 2009

Maliyah has RSV

It was a scary week, last week. Maliyah had gotten a cold and so had the boys. On Monday she was throwing up with the cold and getting dehedrated. So I made an a appointment with our ped and got right in. They check Maliyah oxygen and it was down quiet a bit. So that called an ambulance to transport she to the hospital. I had Courtney and Justin with me, so Courtney rode with Maliyah and I drove the car behind them. Jake met me at the hospital and got the other kids. That night the nurse wrote down the wrong dose of prograf for Maliyah, 5 mg instead of .5 mg. Prograf is to keep Maliyah's kidney from rejecting.They gave her two doses and than the pharmacy caught the mistake. The prograf level were to high in her blood and made Maliyah go into a form of rejection, she stopped being able to pee and her kidney was in shock. Her blood work was so bad I didn't know if she was going to have to return to dialysis. Thankfully her kidney started working again and we went home from the hospital with Maliyah on Friday. She is still weak but back at school. She had RSV, and today just a cold.

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