Monday, February 9, 2009

Update from Kendra and Maliyah

Update from Kendra and Maliyah word: Kendar lost a tooth forever!! Maliyah has a tooth!! Its almost our Birthday!! The sky is blue, roses are red,and I love you!! Maliyah says she is feeling better. We got cut apart. They really love to be silly, can you tell. They are having a great day today. Jake is with the boys at the store, Courtney is at dance, the girls and I are just playing at home together. The girls are getting fitted for their legs on Wednesday, a company is donating one to each of the girls. We have something better than pictures, our family will be on TLC. Its a show about Hope, Inspirations and love. We are excited to start filming it soon. The girls are too. They will also show alittle about the girls getting fitted for their legs. I am still worried about Maliyah because she isn't strong enough to get a leg yet, and she struggles to get around someday. Her skin color is still pale, but she is trying so hard and I am proud of her. We are changing the name of the book to, "When Hearts Conjoin." I can't wait to share that with you all. Its so great!! I have enjoyed writting the book with Lu Ann. Our family will treasure this book forever.

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