Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Kendra’s ER Visit

   I had back surgery 3 weeks ago to fix my VEPTR/Rod that had broken. On Sunday night I started having back pain and only got 2 hours of sleep. When I woke up (from the 2 hours of sleep) I was in the worst pain. Worse then when I broke my rod. So my mom hurried and got me an X-ray to see if my rod broke again. After we saw the X-ray we knew it wasn’t the problem. 
   So for the rest of the day i was just laying in bed and didn’t really have an appetite. We had a little suspicion that it was an infection but kind of just pushed that theory aside because we didn’t want it to be that. We had taken my temperature and it had been normal until around 8:30 pm yesterday when I got a headache. I don’t usually get headaches so I took my temperature and it was 102.9. So I told my parents and we decided that we didn’t want to risk anything so we went to the ER.
    We got to the ER around 9 and usually when we go to the ER it takes 8+ hours to be admitted but yesterday they were really fast. I was able to be admitted in 5 hours. They drew blood and had to try for an IV twice. We didn’t see any abscess forming until after they did IV antibiotics. And it was huge. I don’t think we would have saw it for a while if we didn’t go into the ER. 
   When I was admitted it was 2am and my mom and I were exhausted. I got little 10 minute naps in the ER but my mom didn’t sleep at all. So when I got to my room my mom helped me out with getting situated into bed then left and got home around 3:30am. Now the most recent update is that they are going to have to operate to clean it out. I am actually glad because we caught it on time because it could be so much worse. Wish me luck!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Post Surgeries Update + Birthdays

Jake after his surgery

   It has been a little hectic for the Herrin family for the past few weeks. First update about Jake, he is doing great. He went back to work two weeks after his surgery. He is no longer in pain but he doesn't have a lot of energy and isn't able or allowed to lift heavy things. He has still been a huge help even though he can't do a lot.

Kendra at girls camp

   Next up is Kendra, her rod broke on the 21st of May. She had surgery to get it fixed on the 29th. That went really well because a week and half later she went to their church girls camp for a few days. She had lots of fun and wasn't in very much pain. She was able to stay the entire time.


Maliyah after getting her dialysis catheter out
   Maliyah's update is pretty long because she has the most healing to do. Last week on Sunday Maliyah came home. She was glad to be home even though she had a giant tube coming out of her bladder that was causing her pain. She really hates the hospital so she would rather be on an uncomfortable couch then be in that depressing place. On Wednesday she went back to the hospital with stomach pain and ended up staying the night so that they could make her feel better. She was having a really hard time with just being there. After being there so long it makes her feel like she will never leave, even if she knows it's only for the night. After she got home she was okay. She had her next appointment today (June 11th) where she got her dialysis catheter and foley out. She is really excited to start swimming and taking baths again!

On Sunday It was Justin and Austin's lucky 13th birthday. We ate cake yesterday and went to IHOP (Or should i say IHOB? ;) ) today.