Monday, September 12, 2011

What a great weekend Jake and I had!!

Jake's best friend got married this last weekend in LA, and Jake and I were able to go and witness the event.

We left Friday morning and we arrive about 9:30am. We rented a convertible Mustang that we spent most of the weekend in. We even have the sunburns to prove it. LOL We went from the airport to Venice Beach where we soon realized what a dive that place was. There were so many homeless people. I was also shocked by all the marijuana "pharmacy's". Ever so often you could get a small smell of the marijuana. Needless to say we didn't stay long. We went back to our car to find a parking ticket for $58, we had payed for parking but Jake miss read the number and put it in wrong. So he's working on getting that fixed. Our hotel was 20 minutes out of LA and we were so glad that it wasn't any closer, way to much traffic. We drove Sunset strip for awhile that night and saw the "Lemon Basket", from the show Famous Foods. I was even able to take a nap, and that never happens. :)

Saturday morning we went to Santa Monica Peir. It was really beautiful there. We walk down on the beach where we met some of Jake's friends that were there for the wedding as well. That night was the wedding. We've never been to a Catholic wedding before. I really enjoyed it and learned some interesting things about the religion. We just had a great night.

But SUNDAY TOPPED EVERYTHING!!!! I was driving down highway 1, up the coast of California when Jake said that he had a surprise for me. So he told me the way to go and we ended up at the BACHELORS MANSION!!!! I was so excited!! Jake was laughing because I was crying. The gate was open and they were setting up to start filming on September 17th. I got a picture right in front of the mansion that Jake took. and several other ones that I will upload here. HOLY COW!! It was the best day ever!! I was on cloud 100 the rest of the day and night. I haven't always watched the show. I just starting watching it in Jake Pavelka season and loved the show. I was hooked because of the villains on the show. Two have been from Utah so it's fun to watch.

I'll post picture of the weekend we had.
Have a great day!!
Love, The Herrin's