Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fun times

So thanks for all of the messages and comments about couponing.  Its been a lot of fun saving money.
This was one of my biggest hall yet.  I saved over $200!!  I was so proud!

Most of this was about 88 cents.  My family drinks about 3/4 to a gallon of milk a day.  It truly is amazing to me what I've been able to do for my family so far.

Courtney had her dance pictures done this last week.  She also danced in the Welcome Back assemble at school.  Can I just say what a BEAUTIFUL/TALENTED dancer she is.  I was so proud of her.  

She has been begging to start competition, but want to just do them solo.  Holy Cow!  She is so brave!  But she would do great.

 I tried to post the video of Courtney dancing, but it wouldn't let me.  :(

Our TLC show was on yesterday.  It's very neat to watch.  But more importantly makes me realize how far we as a family have come.  And especially Kendra and Maliyah.  Back then we were struggling with so many health issues with the girls.  They were always in and out of the hospital.  Surgery were often and so were sicknesses.  Our family was extremely stressed.  Looking back on just the last 3 years, makes me so happy at where the girls are right now.  Maliyah is MRSA negative as well.  Which is a HUGE step.  I'm sure staying out of the hospital played a big role in that.  Kendra and Maliyah are so healthy (knock on wood). Courtney, Kendra and Maliyah are getting fitted for braces this next week.  I really really hope braces aren't a big deal.  

We have some really exciting things coming up.  I can't wait to share it with all of you in a couple of weeks.  Also Kendra and Maliyah will be in Women's World Magazine in November.  So watch for that. :)  The girls are just beautiful.

As I have talked about in other posts Justin and Austin's are in different classes at school.  They are adjusting better, but its a very confusing time for me.  Trying to keeping their Due dates straight.  And Justin has a lot more homework.  One major positive I have noticed is they don't fight to tell me about their day anymore.  They both have their own stories.  The jury is still out on if I made the right choice on this or not.  But I will say, for me it would be a lot easier having them in the same class.

Football season is upon us.  So Jake has been taking Austin to the BYU games.  I went to one game and that will be my last.  I know I keep saying that, but I want to be supportive to a hobby Jake loves.
I am so busy lately.  I'm surprised I had time to get on and post today.  But I'm so glad I did! :) I can't wait to one day printout all of the blog posts and put them into a book. (hint hint Jake) :)

Have a great day.

The Herrin's