Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How can the summer already be over? It went by to fast. All the kids are in school, Justin and Austin are in kindergarten, Kendra and Maliyah are in 3rd grade, and Courtney is in 5Th grade. They come home each day from school and tell me all about their day. I thought it would be lonely and boring being home alone, I am neither. It's a lot to still take care of her and school will be starting again for me tomorrow. I was going to take more then full time school, but realized that would be to much.

When Jake and I dropped Justin and Austin off on their first day of kindergarten, I thought there would be some tears. We were really glad that wasn't the case. They have a great teacher Mrs. Huber, so I know they will be in good hands. When Austin found his seat he was setting next to another boy. He is so outgoing and started talking to him. We were still in the back of the classroom when he ran over and said that he had a new friend. Austin had a huge smile on his face. Justin on the other hand was setting next to a girl. He is really quiet and shy, it takes him awhile to warm up. So he didn't talk to anyone. They even have some recesses with Kendra and Maliyah. So that makes it even more fun. I am glad my kids are so close in age.

This is going to be a great year for everyone!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We went to Uncle Jim's cabin over this last weekend. It was a great break from life, even though it was just overnight. I finished my summer semester and will get about 2 weeks off before starting again in the fall.

Now onto probably,the best night of our summer. Several months ago we were invited back for a reunion for Thursday Night Hero at BYU University. In 2007 our family was invited to BYU to meet the players and them to honor Kendra and Maliyah. It was a dream for Jake because BYU is his favorite team. And Kendra is a huge fan. So tonight we went back to not only meet the other Thursday Night Hero's but to meet the new team for 2010 season. It was so much better than expected. The players and coaches were amazing with the kids.

Austin was in charge of getting all the players and coaches to sign a BYU football. Jake has a BYU room in the basement. So when Austin would walk up to a player he would tell them, and that his mom isn't a fan but she cheers. He even got some of the players to race him around the field. After some of the players signed the ball they came up with an idea to have Justin and Austin tackle one of the lineman. So J & A run full speed into this huge man, knocking him down and his cellphone went flying out of his hand. I am sure he was just playing along with the boys. I don't think he knew how rough they can be. It was really cute!!

One of the other Thursday Night Hero moms Linda was talking to Kendra about school. Linda asked Kendra when school started. Kendra answered in a excited voice, one week and one day. The summer just flew by!

I put up a lot of new pictures as well.

On one of the pictures you see the boys on the backs of some of the players and Courtney in between them. I was joking with Courtney before I took that picture that she needs to marry a boy like them. She was really embarressed, I didn't say it loud enough for anyone else to hear.

For most of the night Maliyah played on the jumping toys, she had no interest in doing anything else.

All the way home the kids were so excited! Laughing and talking about the night they had. We just want to thank the BYU althetic department for putting this amazing program together.