Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We just updated a lot of new pictures. Take a look. :)
It has been a while since we have updated. Maliyah had surgery again for the same thing. Her VEPTR made a hole in her skin again, so they took one of the rods out of her back. She was able to go home that same day. She is missing a lot of school this year so far, which makes me very nervous!
Kendra is doing very well with her 'robot' leg. She is getting around very well at school with it. I am so proud of all of her hard work. Both the girls started dance at the beginning of the school year, but decided that it was too hard for them. I went and visited their class and they were able to keep up with all the other kids.
Courtney decided that she wasn't going to take dance this year and is going to try gymnastics. It makes me pretty sad that we aren't going to be doing her Saturday competitions this year. She is taking a tutor by her Grandma and Grandpa's house. She is flying through her reading classes, so I wonder what we are going to put her in to keep things challenging for her. She has also been having a hard time hearing, so we are taking her to the ENT for tubes because she is getting so much fluid in her ears.
Justin and Austin are so dang cute!! I can't believe that they are going to start Kindergarten next year. I will miss my sweet boys so much. They are learning about safety this week at preschool. They came running out telling me about 911 and the fireman. I was laughing with another mom about my boys calling 911. And was just waiting until they made that phone call. Well that never happened, and at the field trip today the mom told me that her son had called 911 and the police showed up at her house. So funny! Austin's favorite thing to do right now is come up to me and tell me how pretty I look today. He is so sweet. Justin is probably going to be getting his tonsils out soon. He is having a hard time sleeping at night and he has been on a antibotics for 4 weeks now and nothing is happening. We are going to meet with the ENT soon.
Jake is enjoying the football season and I am too. It's nice to get someone to watch the kids and take off to the games together. I told Jake that we will have to start following the team around, if they go to places like Florida.
I enjoy school and am doing VERY well! It's great to be able to learn, but the classes I am taking right now are so easy that it's not very much work.
In Utah the Fall is over and the snow is starting. Our kids are very excited for that, but I dread the snow. I hope that we can get a truck or something for me to drive when it snows.