Saturday, January 30, 2010

Can't believe its been so long since posting to our site. There has been so much to update, just not a lot of time to do so. The girls will be turning 8 in February, can't believe how time has flown by.

Kendra had a very rough Christmas, to say the lest. She was in the PICU because of a large infection. She under went several surgeries to clean out the infection. She is home now on IV antibiotics. She is a very strong little girl! This infection was one of the more scary ones, that made us really reflect on how blessed we are to have our children with us. Kendra is doing very well in school. She is very social with her friends, lets just say she is very popular. It makes us very happy to know that she has so many great friends. Her PT is going quiet well. She is able to wear her "robot leg" for about 10 minutes. I am very proud of her strong efforts. She is growing into a beautiful young girl. In Primary the teacher asked the students, How do they know their parents love them? Kendra answer was because my mom tickles me all the time.

Courtney has stopped dance for this season. We needed her to focus on her education, but she will be returning next season. She is an amazing dancer! I hope you all were able to see the youtube video of her dancing in one of her competitions. Courtney is really enjoying making videos with her friends, brothers and sisters. She is very photogenic! She is always making up new things to keep her from being bored. Courtney is so beautiful and really growing up to be a great example for her brothers and sisters. We are proud of her!

Maliyah is doing great even after her many set backs this last year. Since I last updated she has had several more surgeries. She just keeps on being so strong! She is very happy despite all that she is going through. She struggles everyday with pain in her back and hip/leg, but with the great Aide the girls have at school they work through them. Its a tough road for her! Her kidney continues to go strong! We thank God everyday for that! She is growing into a beautiful, intelligent, young lady.

Austin is still in preschool and enjoys going to be with his friends not to learn. He is more then ready for Kindergarten and bored with preschool. He amazes us everyday with the words that he says and the sentences he is putting those words into. He is clever beyond his years! He looks more like his dad everyday! He reminds us greatly of Jake's father Lamar. He loves Star Wars and the Wii. He is very good at video games. Austin has a hard time giving kisses and hugs now. He tells me he is to big for them, so we just tickle him and tell him we love him. Its sad to see him grow-up so fast.

Justin is still going to preschool as well. He is a BIG challenge for me. He is head strong and isn't willing to listen to us very much. He loves preschool! For Christmas he received a snowplow that he hasn't let out of his sight since. He even takes it to school with him. Jake took Austin to a Jazz game with him and left Justin at home with me, it was amazing how much they missed each other. They talked on the phone a lot, and even had to leave the game early to see each other. They have a close bond to each other. They are lost without the other. I have always wanted my children to have a good relationship with each other, and I think so far they really do. I am glad that Justin is still the baby in the family and will give kisses and hugs. I hope he stays that way for awhile longer. He isn't very excited for Kindergarten because he will have to be gone from me everyday, but I am sure with his brother with him he will be fine.

Jake and I are still going strong! We are a great team and really love our jobs of raising these wonderful children. What more could parents want in life? They make us proud each of everyday. I am still continuing my education and will do so for years to come. I am enjoying going to school. Jake has been very supportive, he is such a great husband and father. He will turn the big 3-0 this year. I hope we can do something incredible to mark the day. I haven't come up with the perfect present or surprise for him yet. But I have until June to figure it out.

I hope that I don't go this long without updating again. I will love one day my kids reading all of these entries.