Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Smoke Detector and Cold

I'm not sure where my other post went.  But I will keep looking for it.

It has been so very cold here lately, it's about 8 degrees when I drop the kids off at school.  Sometimes down to 2 degrees.  And with a thick inversion to add to it, making Austin's asthma act up.

Well onto our really funny lives.

Jake and I a couple of months ago were talking to the kids about fire and what to do if we ever had one.  We even joked about setting off the smoke detectors one night to test them.  Man, the jokes are always on us.
So last week at about 2:30 am the smoke detector went off, Jake and I both shot out of bed.  It was so loud and Jake ran downstairs to get the boys and Courtney out, but to his surprise they were already on their way up the stairs.  Jake ran to Courtney's room and woke her up.  Jake was already assessing the problem.  Well I was upstairs.  Holy Cow!! Courtney was so asleep she thought Jake said she need to get ready for school, so he found her in the bathroom putting on her make-up.  The joke around our house now is, Courtney has to have her make-up on even in a dangerous situation.  LOL.  Took us along time to fall back asleep, so we let the kids sleep in.  What a night that was.  We found out later that the negative temperatures at night was causing people's smoke detectors to go off.  The next night they did the same thing.  We needed 3 new ones.  It was a great adventure.

I know I have written about Justin being a hard kiddo and a huge challenge.  It comes and goes, but we have been working really hard on him eating.  Normally we wouldn't make him, because he would just throw-up whatever I MADE him eat.  Well I was getting so sick of making a dinner and having him and then others not want to eat it.  So I made a rule you either eat dinner, or you can have a nice breakfast tomorrow. That was really hard for me because Kendra and Maliyah have a hard time gaining weight.  But I need my sanity!  So the rule is staying put.  The best part, Justin ate a piece of corn and is actually trying things, even if they are just little, it's huge progress.

Jake has lost 20 pounds and is working really hard at the gym.  We started going at night together.  It's been really nice.

Kendra is still fighting an infection from her last surgery in November.  This is her second one.  It's really tough on Kendra.  I wish she didn't have to worry about this stuff.

Thanks for reading and all the emails checking up on our family.  It's greatly appreciated.
Have a great day!

The Herrin's

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