Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mixed emotions

Well after everything and waiting for awhile.  The doctors came back to tell us, it would be to risky to do the surgery that we have been waiting for.  Mixed emotions, nothing is a sure thing in medicine and especially surgery.  I realized that along time ago.  But still hard to hear there is nothing surgically the doctors can do for Kendra and Maliyah now.  We do have the best doctors in the world that we work with and they have the best interest of the girls in mind.

But then I look back at everything they/we have gone through, and I can take this.  It's a little bump in the road and we have a lot to be grateful for.  I'm just so glad to be able to but that off our list of things to do, and work with the medicine that they have said to try.

The girls are doing better now than they have for years.  They are the most healthy.

I have been really busy since the kids got back in school, volunteeingr for organ donation stuff, volunteering at the kids school and hopefully some other volunteer opportunities that will be coming my way.  School for me is on hold(it already started).  If everything turns out just right, I will be putting together a bike ride to raise awareness for organ donation in April.  I'm very excited for that!  Make sure and talk to your loved ones about there wishes, everyone can donate their organs.  Look into it! :)  That's my plug.

Justin and Austin just had their first belt test.  They passed, and are high white belts.

Courtney is about to be a teenager.  HOLY COW!!  I still can't believe it.

 Have a great day!

The Herrin's


  1. I haven't seen anything on your beautiful daughters in some time so was glad to come across this blog. I'm so happy they are doing so well. Wow...Courtney has REALLY gotten big. How did so much time go by? I remember watching your trials on the news nightly and my prayers going out to you guys. I didn't realize at the time though that your girls and my little miracle baby were the same age. Amazing. I'm so happy for you guys and just wanted to let you know.

  2. good luck with everything... I know that the girls are very strong, they have shown that since they were born, they are both living miracles, let them know that many people are proud of them. Doctors know what they are talking about, as you say, all they want is the best for both of the girls, it is amazing to see how they are both living almost a normal life, many people should have their strenght, I wish I could!. You seem like a happy-united family, and that is the most important in life. best! xxoo

  3. I read abt the surgery in a magazine and i was literally in tears after reading that....i was soo worryed tht whether wht would happen to the girls.....but i was happy tht they both were safe and most importantly they were very much proud of them and also how they took it as a all the best wishes and lotsss of love will always will be there with kendra and maliyah and also wth their family.
    Sabia :)