Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's Been Awhile


Time sure has flown by...  Okay maybe not 100% true.  It's been really crazy since the girls had surgery on the 26th of November.  Of course Kendra got another infection and wasn't doing very well.  And Maliyah bounced right back.  It has been a VERY stressful month.
 Courtney turned 13 on October 29th.  I'm sure she's going to be a very good teenager.  Other than the moodiness with everyone at our house.  She's getting really good grades. She is taller than I am now, no surprise there.  Courtney is really into SIMMS and plays it all the time, unless she is at the mall with her friends.  We had turned off her cellphone that we got her last year,  but just about a month ago realized it was better for her to have one.  She's with her friends a lot more.  The rule is no texting boys,  we forgot to add no facebooking boys.  LOL!!  I need to cover all the bases.

 We smashed cake on Courtney face!
 Courtney as the dead bride!  Her makeup was really fun to do.

 Courtney and her friend Grace!
  Kendra is doing well now.  She is taking a lot of steps without assistance on her prosthetic, that means without her walker, crutches or anyone holding on to her.  She's really into make-up, in this picture she is putting on eye shadow and eyeliner.  Her hair is getting so long.
Maliyah as a bee for Halloween.  She is doing really great.  Her kidney is working well, even with all the HUGE problems with it this month.
Justin loves the game Mind Crafts and putting videos on youtube.  He and Austin have the best teacher Ms. Lee.  Justin loves her and she's so good with him.  He's starting to like school and it's not to big of a deal to get him to do his homework anymore.  I just hope it continues.
Austin loves playing outside with his friends.  He is the opposite of Justin.

Have a great day!

Love The Herrin's

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  1. The girls are so beautiful! I wish I could meet them in person! I am 10 years old, and I was born two days before them!

  2. omg so glad to hear that they are all doing so well... kids grow up so fast... wow

    You have such a beautiful family ^^