Thursday, September 5, 2013

The First Weeks of School

 I have never understood how my children can come home from school every night with piles of homework.  What are the kids doing at school for 6 hours and coming home with 3 hours of homework.  It's just exhausting!  That is my vent for this post. :)  I really needed to get that off my chest.  I feel better now.

This year started off really hard for Courtney.  There have been so many new changes at her school, and a lot more new kids.  She started having panic attacks at school.  She woke-up just a couple of days into school and was crying so hard.  She couldn't being herself to go to school that day.  It broke my heart.  I gave Courtney an essential oil called Balance to take with her to school.  She said that it helped her threw out the day.  Her nerves were getting the better of her.  Things are going so much better for her now.  

As I wrote in one of the last posts we separated Justin and Austin in different classes.  I can honestly say that was the WORSE thing for Justin.  Justin and Austin have a special bond with each other.  They help one another, encourage each other and have competitions that make their learning more fun.  I wish the school had never pushed this issue.  It's a lot different if the boys had started school in different classes, but separating them in 3rd grade wasn't the best thing to do.  Justin cries before school and after he gets home.  He misses his brother.  So I email the school and let them know what is going on.  I really hope that with some help from the teacher and administration this will change, or he can change classes.  They also help each other remember homework and lunch boxes.  They truly are best friends.  

Kendra and Maliyah are having a great time with their cousin Braxton being in their class.  They love their teachers.  I'm glad they are still in the same class together.  The girls love having play-dates with their cousin and sleepovers.  They are having so much fun together.  Kendra and Maliyah have already been sick this year.  We ran out of multivitamins.  I'm surprised what a huge different those make.  They aren't expensive or anything, we just get them from Costco.  I found that the gummy vitamins are easier on the stomach for the kids and myself.  

I just really pray that this school year gets easier for the kids and me.  And I also hope that I can teach them more independence and responsibility.  

Have a great day.

The Herrin's             

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