Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Look before You Drive

I wanted to post this before I forgot which is a very easy thing for me to do...

Have you every thought to yourself, " Did that really just happen".  Well I do A LOT!!  I call my family the entourage because there are so many of us.  We were in the local grocery store getting a few items for dinner.  So everyone was with me but Jake and the girls were in their walkers.  We were walking out of the store.  And I see these two older ladies back-up in their cars at the same time we are walking out of the store.  They both were fixated on watching us walk out of the store that they didn't look behind them.  They hit each other.  The look on their faces were of embarrassment.  They both knew what they had done.  And I heard the conversation as I walked to my car laughing with my entourage.  Holy cow it was so funny!!  We have a great looking family that's for sure.  :)  Just thought I would give you all a good laugh for the day. 

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