Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am so excited because I am starting school this summer at BYU!! This will be such a great thing for me! I have been dreaming of this day for as such a long time...

The 3 girls had a performance at school on Monday. They did an amazing job! Yesterday I was able to see Courtney's dance pictures. They turned out so well. She is such a pretty little girl! She is very happy that dance is almost over for the summer, she is ready to be bored. The boys have their graduation from preschool on the 27th of May. They have one every year to graduate them to the next level. Kendra and Maliyah have a field trip tomorrow that I am going with them on. I HATE field trips. I know that they are only young once, but I still hate going on them. The school didn't have anyone to help Kendra and Maliyah, so I had to fill in. I just hate finding babysitters to watch the boys. I guess it will be a nice break from the boys, they are handfuls :).

I am doing several speaking engagements and really enjoy that. Some people think I am nuts because it really doesn't bother me to get in front of people and talk. I love the chance to share parts of our never ending story. Just because I am done writing that book doesn't mean the stories ends there. Life is always about the next trail and journey that we have to face, but we will be better for it. I hope that is always true for us! Its truly amazing to reread my book and see how far we have come, but than to realize we have a lot more to climb, and trying to figure out how to make it all the way to the top.


  1. Erin, this sounds like a thrilling new chapter in your life (I just looked up BYU and it sounds very interesting). What are you going to study? And I love the way you are so honest about your kids. They CAN be handfuls and still they are pretty and adorable and we're proud of them, aren't we? All our kids?
    I wish you a gorgeous summer. Hope our book arrives one of these days, but I realize shipping to europe takes some time.

  2. Congratulations Erin, May God bless you on your journey you begin studies @BYU. Hug the family for me and tell them Happy summer. Shyla

  3. Lol, Erin, I thought I was the only mom who hated school field trips. I love going places with my kids, but throw in 25 more sugared-up hyperactive little screamers on a bus, in a new place, going all different directions... aghhhh! The kids love it, though, they always remember the field trips where mom came, so I guess it's worth it in the end. Have fun (and good luck!) ; )