Thursday, April 23, 2009

We started stamping the books yesterday!! It was so much FUN! We put the girls on our love sac and a small table in front of them. They watched their favorite show and laughed about being famous. They were so excited that people wanted their hand prints on their books. It was such a great day!! We had the local newspaper over to take pictures of the girls with our book.

Then today I went on a field trip with the boys. I am so tired and so are they. It shouldn't have been too bad, but we sat on a train and changed trains. I think it was the sitting that made us tired. When I am up and about I don't get tired very much. The boys loved it! The funny part was that I had made the boys go potty before we left the house. The drive was less than 15 minutes and they need to go again when we got there. Thankfully there was a bathroom on the train.

A mothers work is never done and we can never be to over prepared for what life brings.

Jake has been working so much lately. He seems to be overwhelmed with things, so my job is to step up and take his load off and do whatever I can to make things easier. We both aren't sleeping at night, so that is difficult on both of us. We need a magic sleeping pill :).

Courtney is finally at 5/4 in her math level at school. She was so excited!! When we left for St. George she was suppose to take the test for that and missed it. She was worried she wouldn't be able to move up in the class. She made a 80% and moved up to the next level and started at an accelerated rate. GO COURT!!

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  1. Êrin, you're absolutely right: a mother's work is never done. My husband keeps telling me I should be glad, many people have boring jobs or none at all. I sendhim to make the kids their supper then. :-)
    I'm glad you keep so close to your children, all of them. It's the very best thing we can give them: our time, our strength and above all our love.