Friday, January 9, 2009

Update on Maliyah's surgery

Hi Guys!! Maliyah had surgery on Thursday. Doctor Meyers called us on Tuesday and she had the surgery on Thursday. She is doing really well. I was very surprised how fast her bowels are recovering. She had 3 surgeries in one. She had a hole in her bowel that was fixed, a kidney removed and than bladder stones removed. Her incision is pretty large. Her ribs are doing much better. I hope she will be able to return to school soon. I am so proud of her!! All the kids are doing really well. Kendra is doing her crutches at school instead of her walker. Austin and Justin are enjoying preschool and playing at Grandma's when mom is at the hospital with Maliyah. Courtney is still dancing up a storm. She was really sad when everyone went to the movies on Saturday and she had to go to dance. When I was at the hospital I got a call from Jake because they had gotten a flat tire on the way to the movies, on Saturday. He was able to get it fixed fast and make it to the movies on time. He is so great!! They had a great time.

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