Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Courtney worked so hard to make the school dance team. The Saturday right after try-outs she told Jake and I that she wanted us to go and look at the list to see if she made it. She had no desire to go and see it. So Jake and I headed to the school. We were so excited to see her name on the list. I decided that I couldn't just tell Courtney that she made it. I had Jake go to the store and get her a cake that read, "Congratulations Courtney you made it". So we just showed her the cake. Then we gave her a cellphone the we promised if she worked really hard she could earn. No matter if she made the team or not she was going to get one. She didn't know that. :) Jake and I were so proud!
Courtney wanted me to stay the whole 3 hours at the try-outs too. So I was so tired to say the least. Couldn't imagine how tired Courtney was, oh wait she wasn't at all. Right when she got home she went swimming with her friend Taylor. Guess I was tired enough for the both of us. Courtney will also be performing the play, The Mid-Summer Night's Dream tomorrow at school.
The girls FINALLY got their new legs! I'm so glad that is over! They fit perfectly for now and Fitwell is so easy to work with. This summer both of the girls will have major surgery. So we will probably have to get the bases to be refitted. Still waiting for the other stuff.
Maliyah has been doing OK. She's been having a hard time with infections because of her suppressed immune system. Even with all her infections she still goes to school. She has a great teacher, Mrs. Merrill, that has been so great with both of the girls. She is very understanding of Maliyah's and Kendra's needs. She is always trying to make them feel comfortable at school, which I love! I know that Mrs. Merrill loves my girls. They also have a great instructor Mr. Child. He is so great with the kids as well. It will be sad that he isn't coming back next year. Ms. Jess left to get a new job that had better hours since she is going to school. The girls sure do miss her, but their new aid Mrs. Kristi is great with the girls now and she has five kids too. The girls think that's cool.
Kendra is doing really well. I can't stress enough how much of a difference having an understanding teacher makes on the girls. She doesn't seem to have as much anxiety and she is excited to go to school. I'm sure the girls have missed less then 10 days of school this whole year.
Austin and Justin were the VIPs this month since their Birthday isn't until June. I had a great time making their poster with treats. Yesterday Austin had a tootsie pop, and Jake was teasing him with the song from the commercial . It goes, how many lick does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop. Jake didn't think Austin would know the end, but he replies, "the world may never know". We were laughing so hard. The commerical is probably from the 50s. Justin has a more sarcastic sense of humor. Which I love :) I'm not sure if I have posted this story on here. But I will now. Justin and Austin have to come with me to Maliyah's doctor appointments and they take several hours sometimes. Don't ask me why, I have NO IDEA!! Anyway, one of the doctors come in and they were talking to Justin and asking him some questions. He always says, "hahaha so funny", when she started laughing about something he said, "hahaha so funny." Justin just has his "lines" he says. Like "see ya suckers", he doesn't ever mean to be mean. It's just Justin.
I have to say thanks to each of my children's teachers for all your hard work with Courtney, Kendra, Maliyah, Justin and Austin. Being a teacher isn't the easiest job. But you all do such a great job!! It was great to have you all on our team this year. Because it really takes a village to raise kids. :)
3 more days of school after today!! Yea, SUMMER!! Hope the snow and rain will stop soon. :)
The Herrin's
P.S. This was a fast post so forgive the grammar. :) And I just posted new pictures today.

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  1. I am so happy that Courtney got on the dance team!!! She is such an amazing girl. :) I am glad that Kendra and Maliyah are doing good in school and that they got their new legs!!! I am praying for Maliyah that her immune system gets better and stays healthy enough with no infections. Justin and Austin are so cute and growing up so fast. Jake and Erin, you are such amazing parents. :) I (Jenny from MN)just the book "When Hearts Conjoin" in the mail!!!