Saturday, April 24, 2010

I have been getting a lot emails from everyone, so thank you. The kids love reading them too. I had no idea our show was on Discovery Health, I just thought TLC was going to show it. The kids still enjoy watching it, I on the other hand never want to see it again, LOL. It's really weird to watch ourselves on TV.

I promised Courtney that she could earn some roller blades. She did so well these last several weeks, that we went out and got her some today. Courtney is having a great time.

I needed some new running shoes also. I try to run at least 4-7 miles several times a week. My shoes were getting torn up. I hope these shoes will help my feet from becoming numb. It's really a big pain, and it seems to happen around 3 miles. I am not really training for anything, just trying to stay healthy. I have even gotten Jake to get his butt out to exercise too. I am to the end of Spring Semester, finals week is the next 2 weeks.

Jake was outside getting the sprinklers up and running for this summer, he turned them on and was trying to fix different things. Austin walked up to Jake and said "what in the hell are you doing". Jake really tried not to laugh. He told Austin that hell was a bad word. He said he was sorry. Of course Jake blamed me for Austin's mishap. I do have to laugh about it. Kids really say the funniest things.

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  1. Erin and Jake, it's really great how you manage to pick up the funny little things in every day life that make even stressfull life worthwhile. I love to read them and it encourages me to look for these in my own life. There always are these little lights and they mostly come from our kids, don't they?