Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am really sorry I don't update this as much. Facebook is just easier and faster, but this is a lot more important because the kids will love this when they are older. :)

Maliyah just had another unexpected surgery on Monday. On Saturday she was having some back pain and noticed that some of her VEPTR was showing through her skin. Thankfully there was no infection to speak of, probably because I got it taking care of pretty quick. She missed just a couple days of school and is back in the swing of things again.
Kendra is working on her 'robot' leg, but its just so heavy for her little body.
Courtney is really bored! She has 2 weeks off of dance and she has no idea what to do with her extra time. There were times when I felt bad because she went to dance so often. Now I know that she needs that.
Justin and Austin are learning to ride their 2 wheel bikes. Its been fun running up and down the street with them. They still aren't ready to be competely off their training wheels, but in time. They also are so excited for winter. Justin keeps asking when the snows is coming. I wonder if he realizes that he won't be able to play outside for hours on end like he does now.
I just started school yesterday. It was really cool being in a class setting again. I really love to learn! The sad part was listening to the people around me whine about having to be there. I guess when you haven't waited 10 years to start school, you really don't know how to be grateful for the little things in life.
Jake is very excited for College Football. Can't say I feel the same way. Now back to being a single mom for the season. Which is fine because he does what he loves and so do I.


  1. I have followed your family off and on since the girls were born and of course put in the public eye. I have a child named Maleah and is 7 years old and in fact has a "robot leg". If it would be ok I would love one day for our girls to meet. Right now my Maleah is having a hard time with her leg (emotionally) and I was thinking about you guys and the challenges you have gone through if maybe this would be a good thing for her to see, that yes there are girls out there just like her. Go to my blog: and check out my post on July 29, 2009 to read and see pictures of my beautiful daughter. If this is too much to ask I totally understand because of privacy issues.

    I loved watching the TLC program that aired and cried the whole show because it brought back such memories of my own daughter and the emotions that I felt when see was born, surgery that she had and just the challenges of trying to be a good mother to her.

  2. I must say, Erin, I envy your energy. I have only four kids and none of them high maintenance and still I doubt I would manage to go to school again now. I feel too old, most of the time. But my husband is back to soccer, now, too. Watching it, of course! Saturdays are normal again, thank heavens, even the kids enjoy it.

  3. It's wonderful that you're back in school. As a college professor, I can attest to the fact that 'resumers,' as our college calls non-traditional-aged students, are oftentimes the teachers' favorites because they are motivated, self-disciplined, and mature. All of life's lessons bring a lot to academic development. I predict you'll do brilliantly! (What are you studying?)